At St Jerome’s Catholic Primary School Punchbowl, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Ms Carolynne Cavanagh
Assistant Principal / Literacy and Numeracy Coach Mr Joseph Licha
Religious Education Coordinator and Stage 3 Teacher Ms Nada Gemayel-Saliba
NSW Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan Coordinator Ms Amal Karam
Family and Faith Educator Ms Cindy-Anne Sarcasmo
Kindergarten Teacher and Coordinator Ms Allison Khoury
Stage 1 Teacher Ms Vanessa Gregoriades
Stage 1 Teacher Ms Bianca Pinto
Stage 1 Teacher Ms Ivana Miranda
Stage 2 Teacher Ms Connie Melia
Stage 2 Teacher Ms Heidi Huang
Stage 2 Teacher Ms Pina Amond
Stage 2 Teacher Ms Stephanie Karavasilis
Stage 3 Teacher Ms Nancy Mansour
Stage 3 Teacher Ms Nhan Le
Stage 3 Teacher Ms Theodora Moskovakis
Diverse Learning Teacher Ms Marie El-Azzi
Diverse Learning Teacher Ms Hind Sarkis
EAL/D Teacher Ms Gretta Habib
Reading Recovery Teacher Ms Margaret Wallace
Learning Support Officer Ms Diana Lewandowski
Learning Support Officer Ms Tania Finch
Learning Support Officer Ms Nada Joseph
Learning Support Officer Sr Christina Dinh
Learning Support Officer / Library Technician Ms Katia Metry
Office Manager Ms Marie Kannan
Secretary Ms Georgette Assad
IT Officer Mr Baskar Shankar